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Mile High Thai is a local LGBTQ minority owned company. We’re a small business that believes diversity and inclusivity are needed in any business.​ The owners and operators, Ohm and Tate, were recently honored with the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce’s 40 under 40 business leaders. 

about us



I moved to Wichita, KS at the age of 5. My parents were limited English speakers and had little knowledge of business operations in the United States. Through hard work, dedication and grit, however, they managed to open up their own restaurant! That first restaurant was not successful. but with every failure comes a lesson learned and another step towards success. My parents then accepted jobs at a Thai restaurant in Vail, CO. While there, they met a Colorado native that loved Thai cooking; and the three of them teamed up to open their own restaurant. THAT business venture was a major success. After several years in operation, some failed business decisions prompted my parents to open yet another restaurant on their own. Although my parents divorced and my father moved back to Thailand (where he currently resides), my mother continues to manage her own very successful restaurant in Lakewood, CO.

Due to a lifelong passion for drawing and art, I earned a degree in graphic design. After graduating it became apparent that jobs in my profession were difficult to find, so I worked at my mom’s restaurant to earn a steady income. (Little did I know that my knowledge and familiarity with a Thai kitchen would be of such great value later in life!) Around this time, after years of struggling with my sexuality, I chose to come out. I was confused, lost in life, and uncomfortable in my own skin. I had no idea where to meet other gay people, but was eager to begin my life as I envisioned. I met my partner, Tate, and we hit it off immediately. After several years together we were happy with our personal lives, but realized we wanted more out of the professional portion. I was working in marketing and design, but yearned to be my own boss.

Then the COVID pandemic hit, destroying lives literally and financially. Restaurants were forced to undergo major changes in their operating structure. Those that weren’t able to flex went out of business, leaving limited food choices. Tate and I worked vastly different hours making meals at home together impossible. As we turned to take-out options we found affordable restaurants either out of delivery range or closed before our break times. After pandemic restrictions began lifting and restaurants offered dine-in once again, finding a spot remained difficult. We had to drive to Alameda and Federal for good Asian food, which prompted us to begin talking about the need for quality, affordable food in the downtown Denver area. We wondered if my Thai cooking experience could be put to use in OUR own restaurant? Thus…the idea for Mile High Thai was born.



I have always been outgoing and enjoyed interacting with other people. This prompted me to pursue a degree in Public Relations. After graduation, I immediately entered the workforce and gained experience in a plethora of jobs ranging from telecommunications to service industries, and network engineering. Although each position challenged me and offered opportunities to broaden my skills, none provided the social interaction and the ability to directly impact people that I craved.

In 2014 I was able to travel to Thailand and explore the northern regions of Chang Mai & Chang Rai, Puket & Krabi in the south as well as the capital city of Bangkok. I was captivated by Thai food, people and culture. Shortly after returning, I was transferred to Denver for work. There, I met Ohm. My desire to learn about his Thai background, and his interest in my growing up on a ranch in South-Central Montana enabled us to bond quickly. We wanted to share our different experiences and cultures with each other, and it occurred to us, what better way than through food! The lack of food choices downtown, Ohm’s knowledge of Thai cuisine and my access to meats raised on the family ranch all encouraged us to take this opportunity and open our own restaurant.

Our goal is to provide fresh, affordable, locally sourced food. We offer high-quality authentic Thai dishes paired with USDA certified grass-fed free-range beef and pork. Our spices are carefully chosen from local south eastern Asian vendors. No shortcuts. No cutting corners. Quality meat. Quality ingredients. Fresh, healthy food at a reasonable price. Our location at 810 Vallejo Street in downtown Denver allows us the greatest possible impact for the area we serve. We are an LGTBQ-owned business and take pride in our product and genuinely care about our customers and community.

ghost kitchen


We’re a delivery and pick up only restaurant. Our
kitchen is located inside of 810 Vallejo Foods. If you're in the mood to check us out, stop on by and order through our tablet up front.



You can also find us on Uber, DoorDash, Grubhub,, Happy Cow, and social media.

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